Blackjack continues to be one of the most popular casino games among serious gamblers and casual gamers. It is starting to rival even roulette as the most popular casino game. However, the love of the game among recreational blackjack gamers won’t always help in giving you the edge against the dealer! So if your blackjack gaming could do with some simple ways of shaping-up check out the gaming tips below for more power against the house.

Don’t give the edge an ego boost!

Like any casino games, blackjack is geared to favor the casino meaning they have an advantage of let’s say around 2-5% at most tables. Now, even if you play for fun, no one like to lose — but many blackjack gamers set themselves up to lose more quickly by playing to the strength of the house; and that means the ‘edge’ get to influence your gaming more than it potentially has to! Scroll down to see the small and enjoyable tips to stop the dealer taking you for a ride:


Everyone knows that blackjack is the game to play when it comes to a gaming option that responds to logic, strategy and real skill; however, many gamers seem to think that blackjack strategy means simply ‘estimating’ when their hand score looks pretty good (’hmm I have 16 I think I will stand, it should be enough hopefully’). Now this may seem smart but in fact it’s playing dumb, because you’ve used no statistics to come to the conclusion. Instead, applying strategy rules is the way to play — with basic strategy charts feely obtainable on the Internet to have at your side to cross reference against every blackjack hand. Check out a few of the classic strategy rules below:

  • Hit up to 17 and over or soft 18, when the dealer card is 7+
  • If the casino dealer holds 6
  • hit until you’re at 12+
  • Double-down on 10 or 11 if the house scores a 9
  • Split aces and 8’s but play other hands through

When you apply the full set of strategy rules to blackjack, the game takes on a new light, and it can be enough to limit the blackjack edge to as little as 0.5% (that means with just a little luck, winning sessions become much more likely).


To make a blackjack strategy work effectively, the game needs approaching with a professional wagering mentality; all that means is setting up a level bet value (such as a credit size of 1.00, or more or less depending on your budget, experience and bankroll). This enables a strategy to be viewed fairly, and most importantly stops its value being wiped out by volatile betting patterns (such as gaming with 1.00 credits in one session but 5.00 in the next one).

Budgeting and gaming risk and volume >Blackjack strategy can help any player get some degree of enhanced results against the dealer. However, there will inevitably be ups and downs depending on the luck encountered in each blackjack round and session. The key is to apply the law of averages and therefore play enough blackjack hands to allow a strategy to be viewed objectively and allowed time to work. The best option is to decide on a weekly budget and then set a credit size that should allow a big number of blackjack bets and rounds (for example, if your weekly limit is 20.00, you could bet win a credit value of something like 0.20).

Casino Games Poker and Black Jack

There are several casino games played online. This is becoming a form of entertaining one’s self and a lot of people are joining, the rise of the video poker online casino is only just beginning. That means that the number of new comers or first timers that are eager to wet their feet at this phenomenon is ever rising. Before one attempts to play for money it is best to try out a training ground at the free online sites as one will familiarize themselves with the rules of the game and the various gambling tricks. There are a few basic ways of playing the various games that are on offer like black jack and poker.

Blackjack most people have played this game at home and it is basically the same online with a few exceptions and another name for it online is twenty-one. Online the game is other played by hand or the is the shoe game but we are going to focus on the hand game. The dealer dishes out the cards as they are faced down and the aim of the game is to beat the dealer that is the house in some instances, one may wonder how you win it is quite simple in theory. if your cards add up to a figure that is less than 21 and the dealer’s cards are less that yours then you win but if your cards add up to over 21 then that is called being BUST and if that happens you lose. In every game the player has to show his cards first and if you bust then the outcome of the dealer’s cards is irrelevant. Counting cards is quite simple as the numbered cards are counted at face value. Face cards are counted as ten, an ace is 1 or 11.

Poker is being made famous by movies or sitcoms that show case the game as being a cool past time to partake in and in this game player are playing against each other and not the dealer. the game requires some level of skill. There are over 5 of poker that are played in casinos. The game is played like this and it is quite complicated and may take time to learn, the game begins with 2 blind bets are posted and the person to the left of the dealer puts a bet that is half the bet level and the player to his left has to put up a bet that is equal to the minimum bet and then this rotates until every play has had a turn to place either a small or big blind and then four cards are dealt to each player. There are community cards that are used by all the players and for someone to win they have to have the highest five card total and most of the time the is a tie and the players who tied share the prize, in poker that is called the POT.